Radio Frequency Cables


Co-Axial Cables

We at Viral Manufacture Radio Frequency Co-Axial Cables are of 50-ohm RF transmission cables are used in low and high power radio frequency connections, including microwave antennas and cellular telephone applications. Precision coaxial video cables such as RG59 Type Coaxial Cables are used in critical analogue and digital video circuits and other high quality applications, such as live broadcasting in network studios, etc. These cables are strongly recommended whenever superior integrity is a must. The excellent performance of these video cables is due to their narrower electrical tolerances and improved shielding.


Tri-Axial Cables

We at Viral Manufacture Radio Frequency Tri-Axial Cables contain two shields and a solid or stranded centre conductor, allowing multiple functions through multiplexing techniques. Triaxial cables are used for television transmission purposes in professional studio facilities and outdoor broadcasting. These cables are double screened to guarantee perfect grounding of the equipment. In view of the fact that these cables are often subjected to rough handling, they are specially designed for high wear resistance, flexibility and ageing resistance. Our range of triaxial cables with solid conductor is available with jackets in various compounds on request.

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