Muticore Flexible Cables

Muticore Flexible Cables

We are a leading company engaged in offering a wide range of PVC insulated Multi Core Flexible Cables. These are having a wide range of application in machine tools, appliances, control panels, machinery and industries of every nature.


The conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper and annealed conductors are bunched together


Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated, in-house developed PVC compound with high insulation resistance values


In case of multi-core cables, the insulated cores are laid up to form the core assembly. The inner cores are coded for ease of identification as per National/International coding practices. The sheathing is provided with specially formulated PVC compound to facilitate not only ease in stripping but also to withstand mechanical abrasion while in use

Quality Control

Rigid tests and checks at every stage, from raw material through manufacturing stages and finally upto the finished product ensure that the cables meet National / International standards, and consumer approval


PVC insulated multi-core sheathed cables are manufactured as per IS 694/1990, in sizes from 0.5 to 240 sq. mm in single core and in sizes 0.5 to 4 upto 5 cores. The rest of the sizes also generally conform to IS: 694/1990.

Color Code Flexible Multicolor Cables

Names Core Colors Sheath Colour
Single Core UnsheathedRed, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Green0
Single Core SheathedBlackBlack or White
Twin TwistedRed & BlackBlack or Grey
Twin Flat SheathedRed & BlackBlack or Grey
2 Core Round SheathedRed & BlackBlack or Grey
3 Core Round SheathedRed, Black & Yellow/Green for earthBlack or Grey
4 Core Round SheathedRed, Yellow, Blue & Yellow/Green for earthBlack or Grey
5 Core Round SheathedRed, Yellow, Blue, Black & GreyBlack or Grey

Where the number of cores exceeds 5, two adjacent cores are blue for reference and yellow for direction in each layer. The remaining cores in each layer are Grey. On specific request, number printing on cores can also be provided. The data and information given herein are purely as a guide. VIRAL takes no responsibility for any damages arising out of incorrect use.